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Work experience

Here you find the latest work, internships and trainings, that I have done.

FTI Consulting

Economic and Financial Consultant | Energy

Junior economic and financial consultant in the Energy team working on international projects – Current position

Fields of employment: Strategy, Regulation, Transaction and Disputes

Clean Capital Energy Germany

Project Engineer PV

Project Planning for photovoltaic projects, economic analysis and research assistant for energy storage systems (Working Student)

1.5 years (half-time) of experience
Job reference at downloads

École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris

Research Intern - Organic Hydrogen Production

Conducting and designing experiments for hydrogen generation from polymers in molten hydroxide reactors.

TUM - Prefessorship for Thermofluiddynamics

Research Intern - Computational Thermofluiddynamics

Programming of PDE-Solvers for thermofluiddynamic applications with finite differences and volumes

TUM - Prefessorship for Thermofluiddynamics

Research Project - Combustion Instabilities

Simulation to determine the eigenfrequencies of intrinsic combustions instabilities, performance-analysis between MATLAB, Python and Julia


Here are the most important pieces of training of the last years.

Design Therory and innovation managEment

Five Days

Seminar: Intercultural sensibilisation

Two Days

Seminar: Moderation und Group Dynamics

Two Days

Seminar: Body language

Three Days

Seminar: When engineers become manager

Two Days

Seminar: Communication and Facilitation in Project Teams

Two Days

Project references

Here are the most important projects related to energy systems that I have conducted.

Network and economic analysis of potential European hydrogen networks

Concentrated photo voltaic (CPV) – A sensitivity analysis of the cost structure of CPV’s

Coupling Carnot Batteries and latent cold storage for district cooling – A thermodynamic and economic analysis

Economic feasibility of PTES for seasonal storage in high VRE penetration scenarios

Emission reduction methods for geothermal aided, fossil fuel powered district heating networks

Effects of heat waves on the power grid and electricity market of Belgium – economic and technical considerations

Design and dimensioning of an Adiabatic Cooling system for tertiary buildings

Plastic to hydrogen: A new way of producing H2 from polymer using molten salts

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