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Here you find the latest Internships and Trainings, that I have done.

TUM - Prefessorship for Thermofluiddynamics

Research Project - Combustion Instabilities

Simulation to determine the Eigenfrequencies of intrinsic combustions instabilities, performance-analysis between MATLAB, Python und Julia

TUM - Prefessorship for Thermofluiddynamics

Computational Thermofluiddynamics

Programming of PDE-Solvers for thermofluiddynamic applications with finite differences and volumes

TUM - Chair of Energysystems

Bachelor Thesis

Numerical comparison of a quasi-1D and 2D (self-programmed) packed bed thermal energy storage in the context of PTES.

Roche Diagnistics

Chemical Technican

Fields of employment: Multiple analysis procedures in the training laboratory, Insight into research and production of a biochemical fermentation facility

Hofbauer GMBH

Graphic design / Real Estate Agent

Fields of employment: consulting, web design, preparation (design, content) of presentation for key costumers


Here are the most important trainings of the last years.

Bio-technological internship

One Day

Seminar: Intercultural sensibilisation

Two Days

Seminar: Moderation und Group Dynamics

Two Days

Seminar: Body language

Three Days

Seminar: When engineers become manager

Two Days

Seminar: Communication and Facilitation in Project Teams

One Day

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