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Here you find the latest degrees and education programs in which I participate(d).


M.Sc. Energy

Université Paris Science et Lettre (PSL)

The master in Energy deals with energy options for a carbon-free future. The objective is to cover all the fields involved in transforming the energy sector. The goal of this program is to provide students expert command of the energy sector and the challenges of decarbonization. Students will become proficient in measuring the system-wide impacts of technological innovations in the energy sector, gain working knowledge of conversion systems, and will master the methods, tools, and criteria required for informed decision-making. Each Grandes Écoles in the ParisTech network and internationally respected businesses in contributing their technical and scientific expertise to the programme and ensuring a career-focused approach.  Diploma pending (Summer 2024).

chemie paris tech

M.Sc. Master in Management

Technical University of Munich

The goal of the four-semester Masters’s program with 120 ECTS in Management is to prepare graduates for jobs at the intersection of technology/ natural science and management. Hence, understanding the oft differing mentalities of the various disciplines and being able to build bridges between them is a key motive. Comprehensive knowledge in the five fields of competence in management (Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Marketing, Strategy & Leadership; Operations & Supply Chain Management; Finance & Accounting; Economics & Policy) builds the backbone of the program. Diploma pending (Summer 2024).


B.Sc. Engineering Science

Technical University of Munich

The goal of the six-semester Bachelor’s program with 210+ ECTS in Engineering Sciences is to provide a broad methodological-scientific basic education without being restricted to one of the classical engineering disciplines. Thus the course of studies is particularly directed at prospective students who are aiming for a job at the interfaces of the classical disciplines.

Exchange Semester

Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU). Focus of Study: Energy storage, simulation and modeling.

Bachelor Thesis

Numerical comparison of a quasi-1D and 2D (self-programmed) packed bed thermal energy storage in the context of PTES.

Grade: 1,0 (A+)


Allgemeine Hochschulreife (FOS 13)

EN: General univeristy entracnce qualification

Fachoberschule Ausbildungsrichtung Technik, München

Grade: 1.6 (subject specific), 1.9 (general)

Topic of seminar paper: Possibilities to increment thermo-energetic efficiency of buildings through renewable energy (61 pages)

Part of the theater group.


Fachabitur (FOS 12)

EN: EN: Subject specific univeristy entracnce qualification

Fachoberschule Weilheim

Grade: 2.0

Practical training

Fachpraktische Ausbildung

Teaching workspace: Fachoberschule Ausbildungsrichtung Technik, Weilheim

Grade: good

Half a year of practical training in electronics and metalwork with multiple theory and practical tests from the IHK.



EN: Secondary school certificate

Zugspitzrealschule Garmisch Partenkrichen

Grade: 2.0

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