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Martin Kraus

Engineering Student

Hey, I am Martin – an interdisciplinary engineering student with a focus on numerics and energy storage. Taking responsibility and working together as a team is naturally for me. I am highly motivated and focused when engaged in projects. Everything else, you can find out here and via contacting me.

Martin Kraus

Me in a nutshell

I am an enthusiastic and motivated general engineering student with a focus on computational thermofluiddynamics and energy storage who is engaged in voluntary work and willing to take responsibility.

  • M.Sc. Master in Management (TUM)
  • B.Sc. Engineering Science (TUM)
  • Allgemeine Hochschulreife (FOS 13 – Technik)
  • Fachabitur (FOS 12 – Technik)
  • Fachpraktische Ausbildung (metalworking, electronics)
  • Realschulreife


  • Working Student at Clean Captial Energy: Project Planning for photo voltaic projects and research assistant for energy storage systems
  • Research Project: Combustion instabilities
  • Faculty internship: Computational Thermofluiddynamics
  • Chemical technician
  • Graphic design at Real Estate Agency
  • Seminar: Moderation und Group Dynamics
  • Seminar: Communication and Facilitation in Project Teams
  • . . .

Volunteer Work

  • Result Management – Asia Charity Organisation (ACO) e.V.
  • Head of Freshman resort
  • Head of student council of the Munich School of Engineering (MSE)
  • Higher education politics (Student representative)
  • Organization of youth-camps
  • Podium discussion


  • Languages: German (C2), English (C1), French (B1)
  • IT-Skills: CAD, C, Python, MATLAB, Julia . . .
  • EDP-Skills: Excell, PowerPoint, Word, LaTeX, Access . . .
  • Soft-Skills (according to a survey among good friends of mine)

International settings are enriching and nothing new for me

In my Opinion: The exchange of thoughts and sharing experiance with people from all over the world is crucial for working in iternational settings as well as a broader scope for problem solving.

Experiance Abroad

  • 01/20 – 05/20 Exchange Semester at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
  • 11/19 Exchange course through the Athens program at MINES ParisTECH
  • 09/18 Exchange Project of the student council at ETH Zurich
  • 08/15 – 09/15 Language course at Anglo Continental in Bournemouth, England
  • Private journeys to 20 countries . . .


Sports, Culture and Social Activeties

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